Sustainable Finance Blueprint


In order to follow the sustainable vision and development blueprint of SinoPac Holdings, and to respond to the three sustainability commitments of SinoPac Holdings to "Reduce Inequality," "Mitigate and Adapt to Climate Change" and "Promote Inclusive Growth", Bank SinoPac has formulated four action plans, namely "Improve accessibility of financial services", "Support the development of the green energy industry", "Raising climate awareness(customers)", and "Supporting the growth of small and medium enterprises (SMEs)", and established short-term, medium-term, and long-term action plans.

Bank SinoPac has signed the statement of compliance with the Stewardship Principles for Institutional Investors and established the “Stewardship Policy.” Furthermore, we signed the Equator Principles (EPs) in 2020.

Bank SinoPac continuously guides individual and corporate customers to consider environmental sustainability and social issues by establishing responsible investment and lending practices, we also actively developed various sustainable finance products and services such as green or low-carbon transformation and financial inclusion, combining the core financial industry to promote the sustainable development of the environment and society.

SinoPac Holdings "Sustainable Finance Policy"


Summary of the Results in the 2022 Sustainable Development Plan

Strategy Achievements

Actively develop green financial products

  1. Bank SinoPac issued the third tranche of  green bonds with a total amount of NT$2 billion.

  2. Managed the "agriculture (fishery) and electricity symbiosis" ecosystem, and the balance of renewable energy financing exceeded NT$80 billion. The businesses have gradually expanded to financing for energy storage equipment and geothermal power.

  3. Continued to support the government's green energy policy and optimized a green energy trading platform and Solar Power Plant Management System.

  4. Worked with corporate clients to launch the NTD green time deposit project. The funds will be used for green loans such as green buildings, renewable energy loans, and pollution prevention industries.

  5. Implement the Carbon (Footprint) Calculator system for debit cards/credit cards, so as to help customers calculate the carbon emissions generated from every transaction and take carbon reduction actions.

Implement responsible investment

  1. Continued to implement the Stewardship Principles for Institutional Investors, strengthen information disclosure.

  2. Established ESG investment guidelines that were implemented on a trial basis for industries with high carbon emissions, including oil and natural gas and coal-fired power generation. In 2022, the trial expanded to cement and concrete manufacturing industry, and iron, steel, other metal manufacturing industries.

Implement responsible lending

  1. To include positive performance indicators for green loans and social responsibility loans.

  2. Established an Environmental and Social Risk Team to assist with the risk assessment and review of EPs cases. The company also incorporated Equator Principles cases into the self-inspection items starting from December 2022 and a third party from head office will inspect the process of Equator Principles cases regularly.

Promote inclusive financial services

  1. Developed the Smart Wholesale Market Transaction Facilitation Platform 2.0, expanded the API to bridge the cash flows in different use scenarios.
    We also implemented the small farmers’ support program to provide advancement payment custody services, helped farmers to establish an agricultural product pre-purchase mechanism and improved the agriculture production model.

  2. Worked with system integration companies to create the “One-Stop Cash Flow Platform” in the SME service chain to provide cash flow integration and cloud operation applications for SMEs.

  3. Provides women with different lifestyles in different stages of life with the first female-only home mortgage products and services in the industry-“Woman's Home”.

Promote Digital Innovation (Services)

  1. Continued to optimize the functions of digital products, including DAWHO, SinoPac Robot Advisor – ibrAin, ShareShares and App DACARD.

  2. Bank SinoPac's iBranch platform provides digital branch services and creates a unique over-the-counter experience with the 3S core services including virtual and real integration (smooth), smart services procedures (smart), and personalized banking services (sweet)