Sustainable Finance Blueprint


In response to the three sustainable commitments of SinoPac Holdings to "Eliminate Inequality," "Mitigate and Adapt to Climate Change" and "Promote Inclusive Growth", Bank Sinopac has formulated four action plans, namely "improving accessibility to financial services", "supporting the development of the renewable energy industry", "raising climate awareness - customers", and "supporting the development of small and medium enterprises (SMEs)". Bank Sinopac promotes sustainable finance with its core businesses, continuously guiding the market and clients to consider environmental protection and social issues by establishing responsible investment and lending practices.

Bank SinoPac has signed the compliance statement on the Stewardship Principles for Institutional Investors. Moreover, we established the basic principles of the Guidelines on Responsible Investment Management. Furthermore, Bank SinoPac signed the Equator Principles (EPs) on February 27, 2020.

In addition, to protect the environment and conserve energy, and also in conjunction with the government's effort in promoting renewable energy, Bank SinoPac has facilitated the green industrial chain through the integration of core financial businesses. With an aim to establish a green financial ecosystem, Bank SinoPac developed related products and services, including green bonds, green financing and green funds.

Summary of the Results in the 2020 Sustainable Development Plan


2020 Achievements

Actively develop green financial products

  1. Bank SinoPac leads the conglomeration of solar energy plants, and funds the corporate by syndicated loans to build power plants in areas where the Council of Agriculture deemed unfavorable for farming; and continues to evaluate and issue green bonds.

  2. To relentlessly support the transition of the photovoltaic industry to a green one, Bank SinoPac also actively provides business insurance required by the green industry.

  3. Bank Sinopac once again took the lead in issuing Taiwan’s first sustainable development bond worth NT$1 billion in November 2020 to fulfill corporate social responsibility.

  4. Bank SinoPac added ESG evaluation items as criteria on the Bond of Banking Book.

Implement responsible investment

Bank SinoPac formulated the "Responsible Investment Management Guidelines", and disclosed the responsible investment information on website.

Implement responsible lending

  1. The Equator Principles was officially signed in February 2020.

  2. Conduct training and pilot projects on the Equator Principles.

  3. In November 2020, held the “ESG information integration query platform presentation” to import TEJ CSR dashboard.

Promote inclusive financial services

  1. Continue to promote digital account "DAWHO" service.

    • The DAWHO App was officially launched in March 2020, and also the originate digital account exclusive “DAWHO Mortgage” and “DAWHO Revolving Mortgage” were launched in March and April.

    • The digital account grading system was launched in September 2020.

    • In October 2020, DAWHO provides customer with online upgrade of digital account identity notes.

  2. Continue to implement the innovative financial service mechanism for the agricultural wholesale market,and develop API to bridge the cash flows, and develop the function of real-time payment query.

  3. Optimize mobile payment, payment methods and channels to increase the reach rate of credit card transactions for SMEs/self-employed merchants.