Wealth Management

    Bank SinoPac provides a wide array of products and services that meet the different needs of customers, including investment products, general trust and custody and affiliated businesses, as well as insurance, etc.
  • Investment products: Domestic and offshore mutual funds, bonds, ETFs, stocks and structured products.
  • General trust and custody and affiliated businesses: Acting as a custodian bank for securities investment trust funds, futures trust funds, domestic securities invested in by foreign institutional investors and foreign individual investors, collective investment accounts for overseas foreign and/or Mainland Chinese employees, discretionary investment accounts, and securities custody; offering employees benefit trust, real estate trust, securities trust, transaction payment security trust, advanced payment trust, charitable trust, insurance claims trust, eldercare trust; authentication for issuance of securities; acting as a trustee for issuance of bonds, etc.
  • Bancassurance: Bank SinoPac acts for the insurance products of property/life insurance companies, including endowment insurance, mortgage life insurance, protection insurance, and investmentlinked policies as well as accidental injury insurance, residential fire and earthquake basic insurance, commercial insurance, automotive insurance and health insurance.