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In response to the changes of the times, Bank Sinopac has been developing digital finance and combine virtual and physical channels perfectly, while making banking friendly and approachable. In order to accelerate the pace of transformation, Bank Sinopac had continuous communication and implementation with the information and R&D team, also utilized industry and academic resources to cultivate excellent talents, actively invests in industry and academic research projects on "new technology, new structure, new business model", Besides, we allied with partners such as Fintech Space, Fin and Tech, National Chengchi University Industry and Academia Alliance, for grasping the dynamics of innovative business and solidify the Bank's innovative energy.

In the development of financial innovation, Bank SinoPac adheres to the two development strategies. "context management" and "AI". Context Management mainly echoes the competent authority's policy of open banks. Through the unified Open API standard and the existing Partner API mechanism, it creates a variety of contexts and is committed to meeting the needs of different industries for cooperation within different industries, which could expands the use of SinoPac's services scope, and provide customers with better services. In addition, Bank SinoPac also continued to introduce AI technologies to strengthen financial services. Since 2017, Bank SinoPac has established an AI technology center and invested NT$120 million for a three-year industry-academia cooperation with National Cheng Kung University and NVIDIA, an artificial intelligence leader. The cooperation fostered new technology talents, develops AI financial technology applications, and uses data operations as the basis to grasp customer needs, behaviors, and preferences, so as to further develop customized financial experiences, reduce thresholds of financial services, and construct diversified financial services, making people's lives convenient because of financial technology and moving towards inclusive and customized finance service.

Bank Sinopac has achieved fruitful results in digital transformation and smart financial innovation services for recent years. For instance, Bank SinoPac successfully attracted young generation by launching integrated digital account "DAWHO" and SinoPac robo-advisor "ibrAin", etc. In the future, Bank SinoPac will continue to provide smart financial products to support the operating objective of "One stop digital service".

Integrated Digital Account "DAWHO"

Bank SinoPac has launched "DAWHO," a integrated digital account, to provide inclusive financial services. Centered on the needs of the young generation, "DAWHO" contextualizes financial services from entertainment, food, and transportation, to playing, learning, housing, and pet-raising, and integrates 7 core functions and services, namely deposits, wealth management, foreign currency, securities, credit cards, credit loans, and mortgage. Regardless of space and time, "DAWHO" enables consumers to apply for and use 24/7 financial services such as account opening and investment online without visiting any brick-and-mortar branches. It has been well received by account holders.

  • As of the end of 2020, the number of account holders exceeded 640,000, ranking third in the digital banking market in Taiwan.

  • Bank SinoPac won the "Best Digital Finance Award" in the "10th Taiwan Banking and Finance Best Practice Awards."

Hearing the opinion of the younger generation, "DAWHO" is designed for the younger generation to manage wealth and maintain their quality of life at the same time. "DAWHO" provides wealth management services such as funds, stocks, and sub-brokerage to lower the threshold for customers to invest. With "DAWHO," people with mediocre incomes are able to invest through a systematic investment plan. In terms of daily consumption, high cash rewards are offered by many partners, making digital banking now a way of life.

  • "DAWHO" partners, including digital audio/video platforms (e.g., Netflix and Spotify), food delivery service provides (e.g., Foodpanda and Uber Eats), and home video game consoles (e.g., PlayStation and Xbox)

  • Wealth management services (e.g., NT$100 funds and fee-exempt funds)

Special offers and features of DAWHO:

  • In March 2020, Bank SinoPac cooperated with SinoPac Securities to roll out the "SinoPac Stock Savings Plans" platform, allowing customers to buy funds and stocks through a systematic investment plan.

  • In July 2020, Bank SinoPac launched "online fast opening for account sub-brokerage" with SinoPac Securities, allowing customers to buy US stocks and build wealth fast.

"DAWHO" meets the financial needs of the younger generation in all aspects. Launched in March 2020, the "DAWHO App" is well-designed and user-oriented to provide more intuitive and personalized services.

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In the future, Bank SinoPac will continue to innovate and integrate objectives to develop digital accounts, use innovative technologies such as AI, big data, and face recognition to optimize service quality, and actively develop new forms of payment, investment, securities, foreign currency, and other business, so as to meet user needs and provide a better user experience. With cross-industry alliances and the business ecosystem that consists of brick-and-mortar branches, ATMs, and payment service providers across Taiwan combined, the scope of business will be further expanded.

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Mobile Payment

FUN Biz App

"FUN Biz App" aims at small and medium-sized entrepreneurs to satisfy their diversified business models and collection scenarios. It is also a mobile cash register that collects payment domestically and abroad. Users can collect payments and make refunds through the QR Code and monitor real-time transaction activity. The APP saves users from buying credit card machines and receiving any counterfeit banknotes.

"FUN Biz" is a verified barrier-free application, offering a friendly financial environment for customers to collect receivables conveniently, either online or in person.

  • Award: "Best Retail Digital Payments Experience in Taiwan" in The Asset Triple A Digital Awards 2020


FUN Biz App:
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Fun Wallet App

"Fun Wallet App" is a wallet payment application rolled out by Bank SinoPac. It supports payment for daily consumption and taxes via Taiwan Pay and EMVCo, the latest credit card offers, and credit card statement inquiries. In order to pay via "Fun Wallet App," users have to link their bank accounts or credit cards on the App. With this mobile wallet, you can leave your billfold at home and make payments with your smartphone.

Since May 2019, "Fun Wallet App" has supported payment for daily consumption via "Taiwan Pay." In July of 2019, online bill payment service was launched, followed by tax payment service in April 2020. With "Fun Wallet App," customers can pay their shopping, bills, and taxes online.

Fun Wallet App:
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Customer Service:
(Bank) +886-2-2505-9999
(Credit Card) +886-2-2528-7776

Multi-payment Service

In addition to rolling out various types of credit cards for different customer needs, Bank SinoPac provides multi-payment services that link credit cards on mobile phones and wearable devices, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Garmin Pay, and Fitbit Pay, for customers to enjoy a secure, simple, and new payment experience.

Multi-payment Service:further details

Digital Counter Services

With customer experience as the core, digital technologies, whether software or hardware, are introduced to shape digital counters and mobile applications. E-services are paperless and more environmentally friendly and enable tellers to serve customers more considerately with streamlined workflows; in addition, electronic data are traceable, making transactions more secure. This initiative not only fulfills Bank SinoPac's corporate social responsibility, but also improves customer satisfaction and strengthens the protection and internal control of customer data.

Various Digital Counter Services:

  • eNote(Electronic Notepad) Paperless Green Counter
    eNote has been implemented in all branches. A total of 57 transaction items can be done by eNote, accounting for 85% of all transaction items. The entire application process allows documents and forms to be saved electronically in order to reduce paper consumption in line with the environmental policy.

  • iBranch Services

    • Application Form Pre-filling
      Bank SinoPac provides 6 common application forms that can be pre-filled online, and the pre-filled information can be quickly imported by tellers with one click to complete transactions. These forms include: 1. Pre-designated receiving account; 2. New Taiwan dollar remittance; 3. Cash deposit; 4. Cash withdrawal; 5. Foreign currency remittance; and 6. Note/Bill deposit.

    • Online Queue Number Request
      During the COVID-19 pandemic, taking a number without contacting anyone can make epidemic prevention more effective. Customers can choose a branch online and check the real-time queue number and busyness of each branch anytime.

  • Floating Counter Services

    • Mobile App
      iPads are introduced in all branches. With Mobile App, customers can apply to open accounts. Tellers receive applications electronically regardless of customers' locations, which strengthens the protection and internal control of customers' personal information. Tellers can also verify customers' identities and provide other services using semi-self-service counters to reduce waiting time and improve customer experience.

    • Account Opening on Cloud
      Account Opening on Cloud has been implemented in all branches. Go to the "Account Opening on Cloud" web page and complete identity verification and KYC with TOGO App on iPad. Customers can receive their passbooks and ATM cards in no time. The centralized and systematized preview process reduces account opening time to 10 minutes, and customers will be notified of progress on the same day.

  • Palm Vein Authentication
    Palm Vein Authentication has been implemented in 9 branches. With Palm Vein Authentication, customer signatures and signature verification are no longer required. It is also used to strengthen internal control and reduce fraudulent transactions. Starting from 2021, Bank SinoPac expects to try Palm Vein Authentication for ATM deposit/ withdrawal/ transfer functions in 9 branches (Ximen, Chengzhong, Nanmen, Nangang, Songshan, Banking Division, North Taichung, NCKU, and North Kaohsiung).

Open Banking

Bank SinoPac is open to new ideas. By connecting with partners through APIs, Bank SinoPac integrates financial services people need in every aspect of life such as e-commerce payment and bills payment, creating infinite possibilities of banking services!

  • New banking landscape:
    Bank SinoPac has actively attended startup cooperation & matchmaking seminars organized by "FintechSpace." Bank SinoPac is also a member of "NCCU Gloria," where it exchanges ideas and forms strategic cooperation with partners in various fields to promote a new form of digital banking services and build a financial ecosystem.

  • Partner API:
    Bank SinoPac connects financial services customers need in five aspects of life, namely, entertainment, transportation, food, playing, and learning, to APIs such as e-commerce platforms, electronic payment accounts, community management App, and LINE services. From e-commerce payment, identity authentication to bills payment, APIs can meet various business models and customer needs.

  • Open API:
    Bank SinoPac implements open banking in response to the government's "Open Banking" policy and the three-phase rollout of Open API by Financial Information Service Co., Ltd. (Phase I: inquiry into public data, Phase II: inquiry into consumer data, and Phase III: inquiry into transactions). Based on the unified Open API standard, Bank SinoPac works with third-party service providers to create various scenarios in hopes of providing a wider range of financial services information and premium services.

  • SinoPac API Developer Portal:
    This website is specially created for API developers to make financial services more agile. This portal introduces 4 API categories, namely, e-commerce payment, bills payment, identity authentication, and open banking, and API tests to help businesses connect to APIs quickly and access information provided by open banking.

  • Visit "SinoPac API Developer Portal" or contact us to learn more. Let's create a new banking landscape together!

Digital Branch

The first digital branch of Bank SinoPac is located in the Future Venue of National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), which is a conglomeration of humanities and technology. Designed as a user-oriented future bank, the NCKU Branch brings together innovation, digital banking, and technology with an aim to achieve digital transformation. With numerous state-of-the-art facilities set up, users have an opportunity to experience the latest FinTech trends and next-generation banking in the NCKU Branch, making financial services accessible to more people.

  • Remote wealth management services:
    The industry's first virtual financial advisor on a video call allows customers to get professional financial advice at any time without making an appointment or waiting in line.

  • Online VR number-taking:
    Customers can directly take a number online via virtual reality (VR) before heading to the NCKU Branch.

  • Face recognition greeting system:
    The face recognition greeting system will greet customers individually at the door, giving them a unique welcome.

  • eNote (Electronic Notepad):
    eNote electronic notepad is used to promote paperless operations, which can reduce paper consumption, speed up the application process, and improve customer satisfaction.

  • Palm Vein Authentication:
    Palm vein authentication is used for approval of the branch operations. This financial technology not only ensures the security of transactions, but also satisfies customer needs quickly.

Making customer experience priority number one, the NCKU Branch aims to provide financial services more efficiently with digital technologies and redefine the new value of digitization.

  • Asian Banking & Finance (ABF) awarded the "Best Technology & Operations in Taiwan" to Bank SinoPac in the 2020 Wholesale Banking Awards in recognition of its effort to create a venue for cross-disciplinary learning and business innovation and entrepreneurship.

  • Welcome to visit the NCKU Branch to make inquiries and experience digital banking.