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Press Releases (2008~2006)
The First Ever Money Bid Online Service in the World
"MMA Bid Money Online Service" Officially Launches on July 1st

(July. 1st, 2008, Taipei) Bank SinoPac, a subsidiary of SinoPac Financial Holdings, introduces the first ever patented financial product in the history of Taiwan- "MMA Bid Money On-line Service." The service is made available at the inauguration press conference hosted by Mr. McKinney Y. T. Tsai as President and CEO of SinoPac Financial Holdings.

Money bidding is a special financial tool developed exclusively in the Chinese society as it represents the wisdom of Chinese people. The mechanism is said to be originated from the ancient Eastern Han and the Three Kingdoms Period, by an elite named Pan-Te, dated back approximately one thousand and eight hundred years ago. With an aim to promote Bank SinoPac's "Bid Money On-line Service"- the Bank takes up an integrated marketing campaign by sponsoring the most trendy movie "Red Cliff."

"MMA Bid Money On-line Service" successfully incorporates the essence of old wisdom and modern technology, making loan bidding a patented and marketable financial product. Among waves of foreign imported financial services, Bank SinoPac leads the pack with its unique Blue Ocean strategy by designing a localized product, featuring another successful story of Taiwan.

"MMA Bid Money On-line Service" gives younger generation a chance to participate in loan bidding helping them to accumulate their first bucket of wealth from small savings, further more to enable them to start their own personal investment. Bank SinoPac's innovative services make it possible for customers with good credit standing to take out loan to meet their financial needs at different stages of their lives and to enjoy the financial flexibility that comes along. For customers who wish to make an investment, they can seize the best timing through loan bidding and generate higher return from growing their wealth.

The saving and investing renaissance movement has been triggered by the launch of "MMA Bid Money On-line Service." The spirit of such service, "I can help others; others can help me,"each and every market participants help themselves and others. The milestone product makes saving and lending an easy move with just a click away. Bank SinoPac's role is credit checking and credit limit controlling, mitigating the risk involved in such traditional means of financial mechanism, whilst retaining the valuable tradition.

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