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Factoring Online Vendors Program e-Collection Pay-Web Corporate eBanking

When you choose Online Vendors Program, you should consider the following:

Can you transmit massive volumes of data on account payable ledger generated from your company to the bank and then let the bank automatically the remit the funds and send notices of the transaction?

Does your bank’s account payable service automatically alert vendors of payment status, saving the time needed for you to contact your vendors?
When check payment is changed to remittance, would vendors lose their instruments for discount financing, and how can the bank help them alleviate cash flow pressures?
About the service:
MMAb2b.com has tailor made the “Online Vendors Program” to provide a customized solution to meet the individual needs of every company. In practice, the e-Payment:Pay-Web has been successfully integrated with the ERP of the company. For settled account payable, payment can be remitted directly through the e-Payment:Pay Web to avoid unnecessary work and wasted human resources. The MMAb2b.com of Bank SinoPac will further notify your vendors of the online payment status and information so they don’t need to go to you. Your vendors can simply connect to MMAb2b.com and have access to all payment information. For vendors who have the need for financing, they can also apply for financing online at MMAb2b.com. Your vendors will usually receive approval and fund appropriation the same day. This is one main reason why the “Online Vendors Program” is the choice program among businesses.
Product features:
Fully integrated with the internal information system of the client company and tailor made to meet the individual company’s financial management demands – electronically.
Process online remittance on payment due date and inform respective vendors on payment status.
Vendors can access payment details online.
Vendor can apply for financing online and receive funding the same day from Bank SinoPac.
Operational Procedure:
  1. Send the prearranged payment information along with account payable details to Bank SinoPac through MMAb2b.com.
  2. Bank SinoPac will post the prearranged payment information and account payable details on MMAb2b.com for vendors to access online.
  3. If vendors apply for financing online, Bank SinoPac will approve and appropriate the funds the same day.
  4. Prearranged payment is automatically remitted on the due date and account is settled accordingly. All payment information is accessible through MMAb2b.com.
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