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Wealth Management - Revolving Mortgage
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 What problems can Revolving Mortgage help you solve?
Mortgage payments have tied up the cash that could have be used for other investments.
Cash is needed urgently but you cannot get quick financing.
Want to take advantage of the fluctuating stock market and need low interest financing without risk of default.
Want to take that vacation, but cash is tight and the year-end bonus is still months away.
 How Revolving Mortgage works:
The retired portion of the mortgage principal automatically turns into a revolving credit line that can be used for immediate cash withdrawal.
 The revolving portion of the credit line calculated on a daily
    basis and does not apply to the unused portion.
 The rate is much lower than a credit line or a margin account.
Cash can be withdrawn by passbook, banking card, or checks.
Save a considerable amount of interest by speeding up repayment.
Mr. Chen bought a house for NT$ 3.5 million and financed with the Revolving Mortgage offered by Bank SinoPac. To save interest expense, he uses his year-end bonus of NT$150,000 to repay the principal.

Because he used the Revolving Mortgage of Bank SinoPac, Mr. Chen saved NT$1,600,000 in interest expenses by accelerating the principal repayment and retired the entire mortgage in the 15th year. Furthermore, the retired portion of the loan can be used by Mr. Chen as a low interest credit line.

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