Fee Schedules of Credit Card

Annual Fee

*No annual fee in the first year.

Card Type Annual Fee for Primary Card Annual Fee for Additional Card
Infinite / World NT$20,000 N/A
Signature / Titanium / Precious NT$3,000 NT$1,500
Platinum NT$1,500 NT$750
Gold NT$600 NT$300
Classic NT$300 NT$150
Bill Request Fee NT$50 Per Domestic Transaction, NT$100 Per Foreign Transaction
Statement Reissuance Fee If it is in need to reissue the statements 3 months before due to the cardholder, each statement per month will be charged for NT$ 100.
Process Fee for Lost/Steal Case In the event that the credit card is lost or stolen, it will be charged for NT$200 per card as bank process fee.
Cash Advance Fee Cash Advance Fee:
Each amount of cash * 3.5% + NT $ 100.
If the Cash Advance Fee is less than NT$ 500 per cash advance over the counter, please be noted that it will still be charged NT$ 500. If the Cash Advance Fee is less than NT$ 200 per cash advance over ATMs, or through telephone banking or internet banking, please be noted that it will still be charged NT$ 200. ( If you use revolving credit to pay the bill, the interest will be charged according to the Bank’s interest rate and calculation of interest rate for revolving credit. )
Replacement Fee NT$200 Per Card
Pay off Certificate Fee Upon termination of the Credit Card Agreement between the cardholder and the Bank, if the cardholder has paid off all amount owing on his account, the cardholder may apply for "Pay off Certificate" with the fee charged at NT$ 200 per certificate.
Interest Rates
  1. To calculate the interest rates of revolving credit, the interest rates for the balance of the bill which is included in the revolving credit principle will be counted from the date of entry to the date of settlement according to the applicable interest rate of revolving credit on the date of interest or other favorable interest based on your credit. For calculation of interest rate, the number will be rounded.
  2. If the cardholder has more than one credit card on the account, your revolving credit interests will be the sum of all credit cards’ revolving credit interests. The minimum amount payable per period will be counted by ID. In the event of delay payment, breach of credit card contract, suspension of credit card, or credit or economic changes which are sufficient to down grade the original assessment of the cardholder, the Bank is entitled to terminate or cancel any favorable interest provided to the cardholder before.
  3. We will not charge you the revolving credit interest from the settlement date for the account payable to the Current Statement's Due Date if you pay your full balance on or before the Current Statement's Due Date or the remaining unpaid account payable is below or equals NT$ 999.
Late Payment Fee If you do not make the Minimum Payment on or before the Current Statement's Due Date, you must pay the revolving credit interest until we process and settle your full statement balance, and Late Payment Fee will also be included.
Late Payment Fee:
If you did not make the Minimum Payment on or Before the Current Statement's Due Date ,the first month Late Payment Fee will be charged at NT$300 for the first month; Late Payment Fee will be charged at NT$400 for the 2nd consecutive month; Late Payment Fee will be charged at NT$500 for the 3rd consecutive month; (if "the current statement balance" is below or equals NT$ 1000, Late Payment Fee will not be charged) we charge Late Payment Fee up to 3 consecutive months every time.
Foreign Transaction Fee
  1. Credit card transactions shall be paid on New Taiwan Dollar (NTD) or agreed foreign currency. If the currency for the transaction (including refund) is not New Taiwan Dollar (NTD) or the transaction is made by New Taiwan Dollar (NTD) in the foreign country (a transaction through internet with foreign stores will be deemed as a foreign transaction), the Bank is entitled to process the transaction and directly convert into New Taiwan Dollar (NTD) or agreed foreign currency according to the exchange rate on the settlement date issued by the international credit card organization and foreign transaction service fee will be charged. The Foreign transaction service fee will include the fee charged by the credit card organization and the fee charged by the Bank at 0.5% for each transaction amount. The following international organizations currently charge a fee of 1% for each transaction amount: VISA, MasterCard and JCB. American Express charges 1.5% for each non-NTD transaction amount. The exchange rate may vary depending on the variation of exchange rate of the market and the exchange rate on the settlement may be different from that on the consuming date (including withdrawal and refund). The cardholder shall take the exchange risk on his/ her own.
  2. The cardholder authorized the Bank to act as a settlement agent in the territory of the Republic of China to process the settlement for foreign transaction through credit card. If the settlement amount payable in foreign currency exceeds the statutory limit, the cardholder shall pay the amount in excess of the statutory limit in foreign currency.
Fee for Credit Card Payment for Supervision Fee by Phone / Internet
  1. Chunghwa Telecom telephone charges, mobile phone charges, HINET and B.B.Call - Per NT $ 10
  2. Fine payment for traffic violation - Per NT $ 20
  3. Fuel costs - Per NT $ 30
  4. Vehicle numbering fee - 1% of each amount
  5. Vehicle license plate fee - 1% of each amount (minimum NT $ 20)
Refund Process Fee The cardholder is required to pay refund process fee for NT $ 100 per case and such refund shall be made only to the cardholder's own financial institution account or made by a check
Fee for Payment through "WWW.GOV.TW" NT $ 20 per case* Please refer to the announcement of the " WWW.GOV.TW " for the fee information .
Remittance Process Fee For the cardholder dealing with Cash Advance by telephone or internet and requiring the Bank to remit such cash advance to another financial institutions, in addition to Cash Advance Fee, Remittance Process Fee shall be paid to the Bank at NT $ 30 for each time.

Please manage your finances carefully and value your credit

Interest on revolving credit and cash advance : 2.74%~15% (Base date of interest on revolving credit: Aug.3 ,2015)
Service Charges for cash advance : NT$100 + the amount of cash advance x3.5%