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Wealth Management - Money Management Account
Money Management Account Revolving Mortgage Mutual Fund Prestige Banking

The Brand New「Money Management Account 」(MMA) is an upgraded version of the conventional investment and transaction account utilizes your assets more efficiently.
 What are the advantages of the MMA?
 MMA versus regular accounts



MMA Regular Deposit Account Securities Delivery Account
Source of capital Variety Deposit Financed by dealers
Return on Capital Higher Ordinary Lower
Cost of capital Low Ordinary High
Investment efficiency High No No
Tax shelter function Yes No No
Assets management Yes No No
Convenience Yes No No
 What features have been added to the new MMA?
  If you are already a client of「Money Management Account 」(MMA), our system will automatically upgrade you to the new MMA version.
Product features Original MMA Brand new MMA Upgrade
Combined deposit turns term deposit No Yes
Borrow against term deposit No Yes
Revolving Credit Line 2 types 5 types
Available source of capital 5 10
Life and property insurance No Yes
 How can the MMA help manage my wealth?
  MMA allows flexible use of funds
  • Offers you a variety of funding sources.
  • Funds would be used in progressive order from low cost to high cost.
  • Funds would be deposited from high interest to low interest.
★ Interest rate is to be determined by the bank ★
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