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 Why invest in Mutual Fund?
Stock market uncertainties
The stocks market gained three to four thousands points a year during its bull run, but lost as much as five thousand points in one year when investor confidence eroded Investing in individual stocks is both risky and unpredictable.
Devaluing pressures of inflation and taxes
With today's economy, both inflation and taxing are bound to affect your finances. Mutual Fund can help you make the most out of your funds despite low interest rates, a volatile stock market, and devaluing pressures of inflation and taxes !
 What are the advantages of a Mutual Fund?
Professional investment management
High liquidity
Diversify investment risk
Legitimate tax savings
Diversified investment portfolio
The fund is secure (separation of fund management and custodian)
 Why purchase Mutual Fund through Bank SinoPac?
Full Range of available Mutual Funds
Bank SinoPac currently offers over 800 domestic and overseas funds, with more to be added in the near future, so you can find the fund to fit your specific investment strategy.
Combined with MMA Account
Your Mutual Fund is an investment management account and an assets management account combined into one.
Free money management planning
Financial representatives in every branch offer clients one-on-one personal financial service.
Other services:
  • Monthly statements
  • Research information on recommended funds of the month
  • Information of net assets value of MMA fund and other funds.
  • Return/stop-loss points and reminder.
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