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e-Collection can help you overcome these and other challenges:
Your current account won’t let you cross check with the account receivables.
Customers must go through a complicated process in order to pay you.
You don’t have information regarding when receivables have been paid or the actual paid amount.
Product features:
Multi-channel to collect money
Multi-channel remittance through ATM, internet banking, phone banking, FEDI, or any Bank SinoPac branch. One account number may be used for all channels, making transactions and collections fast and simple.
On-demand remittance and payment information
MMAb2b.com provides collection statements by e-mail, fax, paper, and/or any other file at your request.
Convenient real time payment status check
Confirm any payment status on the MMAb2b.com website, 24 hours a day.
Use real time information for any internal settlements.
Online customer payment status and payment information
According to a predetermined code,MMAb2b.com can provide remittance information sorted by customer name or specific projects. Payment messages are clear and easily accessible.
Account settlement service
Bank SinoPac can provide settlement and reconciliation services.
Apply for:
  1. Collection of account receivables.
  2. Collection of paid-in capitals.
  3. Collection of payment from subsidiaries.
  4. Collection of paid-in fund during mutual fund raising period.
  5. Collection of insurance fee.
  6. Collection of maintenance fee for community management committee.
  7. Collection of tuition for schools.
  8. Collection of handling fee for institutions.
To apply
Bank SinoPac Enterprise Service Hotline:
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Bank House
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