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About the service:
Account Inquiry and funds transfer provide a complete online financial and capital management solution in one website.
Pay-Web has a built-in Dual Control that allows only authorized persons to enter new transactions and requires the approval of a designated financial manager to complete the transaction. With the protection of Non-Set Security Verification, funds transfer or remittance can be safely processed in any client workstation.
Product features:
High-level security control ensures safety of transactions:
Pay-Web delivers payment instructions under the highest-level protection mechanism of asymmetric encryption system and digital certification. Transactions are tightly secured by the Certificate Authority.
Complete function for account transfer payment and remittance:
Pay-Web allows users to transfer or make transfers between accounts in the bank on local/foreign currencies or transfer between two separate banks for local currency transfer or remittance. In addition, transactions can be prearranged to be either sent out in one lump sum or in individual salary payouts.
Secure Dual Control Mechanism:
Pay-Web approves and processes entries on an independent server, providing a highly secure environment for fund transfers.
Easy operating procedure:
Pay-Web is formatted for different usage priorities, allowing differential access for staff and executives.
Professional Systems Support:
Automated transaction system updates the newest version available while special support team provides technical support, account inquiry, process control, and logistics services.
Diversified value chain:
Pay-Web can be integrated with MMAb2b.com in providing Vendor's Program, helping you efficiently utilize company funds.
Low cost:
When you use the Pay-Web to transfer funds between banks, a charge of only NT$15 is added for all transfers less than NT$2,000,000; for every additional NT$1,000,000 over NT$2,000,000, the additional charge is only NT$5.
Time Flexibility:
Through leased line or Internet to conduct remittance, funds transfer, or instruct other available transactions 24 hours a day (fund settlements are available only during regular banking hours).
Operation Procedure:
  1. Fill out an application for corporate e-financial management account & MMAb2b.com membership
  2. Bank SinoPac will help your company complete relevant verification. Upon completion, Bank SinoPac will send out relevant documents with software interface.
  3. Bank SinoPac will provide all necessary training and assistance to properly operate the system.
  4. With the System set up, your company can conduct e-corporate finance transactions.
To apply
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