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Bank SinoPac Group
Financial Highlights
As of the end of 2016, Bank SinoPac had totaling NT$1,505.7 billion of assets and posted a capital adequacy ratio of 14.09%; both tallies were calculated on a consolidated basis. With equity of NT$119.7 billion, it registered a NT$1,253.9 billion outstanding balance of deposits and NT$902.6 billion of loans. In 2016, the Bank recorded consolidated net profit of NT$6.858 billion. After-tax earnings per share came in at NT$0.82. The ROE for 2016 topped 5.99%.
(in NT$ millions, except per share data) 2016 2015
Parent Company Only Consolidated Parent Company Only Consolidated
For the year
Pretax income 7,775  8,020  10,316  10,698 
Net income 6,858 9,175
At year-end 2016 2015
Deposits and remittances 1,215,787  1,255,712  1,126,510  1,158,925 
Discounts and loans, net 855,585  889,038  844,413  874,744 
Total assets 1,462,553  1,505,653  1,405,035  1,440,933 
Total equity 119,722 109,118
Per share 2016 2015
Earnings per share, net of tax 0.82 1.14
Equity per share 14.26 14.65
Eligible capital to total risk-weighted assets ratio 2016 2015
Capital adequacy ratio 12.58%  14.09%  11.96%  13.47% 
Note: For balance sheets, US dollars were translated to N.T. dollars with the current rate at 32.28629 as the
end of 2016;for statements of comprehensive income, US dollars were translated to N.T. dollars with the average rate at 32.31835 for the year ended 2016.
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