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Bank SinoPac Group
Bank SinoPac Group - Bank SinoPac (China) Ltd.
Bank SinoPac (China) Ltd. SinoPac Capital Ltd.(HK)

Bank SinoPac (China) Ltd. (hereby refers to “SinoPac China”), the wholly-owned subsidiary of Bank SinoPac, officially operated in Hexi Central Business District (CBD) of Nanjing on Feb 28, 2014. Registered capital of SinoPac China is RMB20mln.

In view of booming cross-strait economics and trades, and to serve global Chinese closely, SinoPac China is committed to Chinese Mainland financial market in long term with rich experience in SME and retail business accumulated in Taiwan for decades, and with leading advantages in promoting cross-straits financial business innovation. At early stage, SinoPac China mainly provides trade finance and various cash flow services in Yantz Delta area; and is gradually acquiring permits of other business, expanding network to other major cities as well. In future, SinoPac China will effectively exploiting innovative and specified financial products to satisfy diversified customers.

As approved by CBRC, SinoPac China provides FX businesses to all kinds of customers and RMB business besides Chinese citizens as follows: Taking in deposits; Granting short-term, medium-term and long-term loans; Handling acceptance and discount of negotiable instruments; Buying and selling government bonds and financial bonds, buying and selling non-stock; negotiable securities denominated in foreign currencies; Providing L/C services and guaranties; Handling domestic and overseas settlements; Buying and selling foreign currencies; Selling insurances on a commissioned basis; Inter-bank funding; Bank-card business; Providing service of safety-deposit box; Providing credit standing investigation and consultation service; and Other business activities approved by CBRC.

Please visit us at bank.sinopac.com.cn

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