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  1. Business Scope:
    A wide array of products and services that meet every customer need, including investment products, trust and custody services, and bancassurance.
    (1) Asset Management: Domestic and foreign mutual funds, overseas bonds, ETFs, offshore structured products, etc.
    (2) General Trust and Custody: Acting as custodian bank for securities investment and trust companies that offer mutual fund services in Taiwan, foreign institutions investing in local securities, and the special investment accounts designated for local companies' foreign and/or mainland Chinese employees; custody of discretionary accounts; custody of securities; trust of employee bonuses and benefits; custody of employee pensions and severance pays; trust of new restricted shares for subscription by employees; realty trust; securities trust; trust of payments for transactions; trust of advance payments; public welfare trust; insurance trust; Trust services for elderly and disabled persons; custom-made trust; securities certification; acting as trustee for corporate bonds and as depositary bank for TDRs.
    (3) Bancassurance: Joining SinoPac Life Insurance Agent, SinoPac Property Insurance Agent and insurance companies to provide savings insurance, mortgage life insurance, protection insurance and investment insurance as well as accident insurance, fire insurance, business insurance, auto/motorbike insurance and health insurance.
  2. Business Overview:
    At the start of 2016, China and the energy industry created down drafts in the stock markets. Mid-year, the political upheaval created by Brexit, and the year-end surprise electoral win by Donald Trump and the rate increase by the Fed all contributed to 2016. Overall, most assets generated positive returns, however the large amounts of risks and uncertainty created an environment where short-term performance remained difficult, and core asset allocations remained in balanced funds or high-yield assets.

    In 2016, sales of designated money trust for investments in domestic and overseas securities reached NT$43.054 billion, with the outstanding amount standing at NT$117.243 billion at the end of the year. The outstanding amount of common trust business (including realty trust, trust for employee-owned shares and employee-welfare savings, and securities trust) hit NT$27.292 billion at the end of the year. As a custodian bank for domestic mutual funds, the bank had NT$242.973 billion worth of assets under its custody at the end of 2016 and it raked in NT$29.042 billion of premiums for banking insurance business in the year.

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