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Business Summary - Financial Markets
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  1. Business Scope:
    (1) Proprietary Trading: Foreign exchange, interest rates, equities, derivatives, etc.
    (2) Treasury Marketing Unit: Providing customers with optimized hedging plans, financial exercises, financial investment instruments, and timely market information.
  2. Business Overview:
    Bank SinoPac actively participates in Taiwan and across Asia in multiple financial markets. Its participation in foreign exchange products and derivative product platforms is strong as one of the key market makers in the domestic banking market. The Bank won the runner-up of the Taipei Exchange NTD interest rate swap platform competition for the 1st half and 2nd half of 2016, and being the central government bond excellent market maker in the 2nd half of 2016. In 2016, we also launched international bond/Formosa bond primary market underwriting services, extending our scope to overseas platforms, and positioning ourselves as a Asian currency, FX, and derivatives market trading center, and a financial service center for Taiwan businessmen operating overseas. This follows our mission in achieving a more comprehensive financial service for enterprises in the cross-straits market.

    In the Treasury Marketing Business, the Bank needs to adapt to an ever-changing external environment, reexamine the composition of its clientele regularly, and persistently optimize the process of reviewing Pre-settlement Risk Limit and systematic control and management of KYC (Know Your Customer) evaluation. Equal emphasis is to be placed on enforcing risk control of overall investment holdings, monitoring the latest market prices, strengthening the training of salespeople, and deepening customer relationships.

    As the RMB continues to internationalize and grow, we aim to develop associated services and derivative products, providing clients a more diversified range of financial services and products. For the future, we aim to continue to drive clients towards a broader product portfolio and fulfill client needs for hedging and investments.

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