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  1. Business Scope:
    (1) Issuing credit cards; providing cardholders revolving credit and installment plan for their unpaid balance.
    (2) Offering cash advances; signing up merchants accepting credit cards to process their credit card sales and to credit them to their accounts.
    (3) Providing personal unsecured loans.
  2. Business Overview:
    To continue to lower the maintain costs of credit card issuances, we continued to revoke inactive credit cards in 2016. Total credit card circulation decreased by 10% versus last year, but active cards rate increased by 4%. Also, the end of the joint card cooperation with NPC gas stations resulted in a slight decrease in card spending. Overall, our assets remains stable and business profitable.

    With the momentum uplift from sales channels, unsecured personal loans grew by 5.5% in 2016, which contributes a robust revenue increase.

    Our acquiring business remained stable as well, reporting a total transaction volume of NT$49.6 billion, similar to 2015. At the end of 2016, credit card recieveables reported a loan balance of NT$15.02 billion and unsecured loans balances were NT$14.824 billion. Overall, interest income represented 60% of our total income while fee income represented 40%.

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