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  1. Business Scope:
    (1) Provide collateralized personal loans and related retail lending products, such as mortgage loans, auto loans, second mortgages, securities-backed loans, and other collateralized loans.
    (2) Build on the products listed above to provide customers with fully integrated services that meet their needs.
  2. Business Overview:
    The 2016 housing market remained weak with "policy" and "taxation" continuing to provide headwinds to the housing market. To maintain housing asset quality and improve product profitability, our mortgage business mainly focused on primary residences and high quality customers. In addition to our mortgage business, we also continue to maintain strong relationships with our clients and aim to manage our risks and grow through increased volumes and cross-marketing. The reduction of low-price competition with our peers should also limit any negative impacts from lower interest rates.

    Looking towards 2017, to enable improved capital efficiency, in addition to focusing on primary residence and high quality clients as our target market, we aim to also expand housing equity lines of credit, securitized loans, and other collateralized lending. In addition, we aim to develop online application functionality, and continue to balance between business growth and risk control, improving customer satisfaction while offering a comprehensive set of services to customers, thus improving our profitability and operating efficiency.

    Under the circumstance of housing market slackening, the bank's housing loans still grew more significantly than that of 2015, as the outstanding housing loans hit NT$424,463 million at the end of 2016. Comparing to 2015, auto loans and other individual loans were declined with outstanding amounts reaching NT$6,912 million and NT$2,436 million, respectively, at the end of the year.

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