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Business Summary - Corporate Banking
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  1. Business Scope:
    (1) Acceptance of corporate deposits.
    (2) Short-term working capital;term loans; guarantee and acceptance services.
    (3) Domestic and International Factoring.
    (4) Trade finance services, including foreign exchange payments and receipts as well as guarantee for foreign currency payments.
    (5) International banking services meant for offshore enterprises and individuals.
  2. Business Overview:
    At the end of 2016, the outstanding balance of corporate loans and credit business was NT$446.6 billion. Of the total, some 35% was extended in foreign currencies, reflecting a slight decrease in overseas lending. In addition, the volume of factoring was NT$45.7 billion, and the volume of foreign exchange was US$200.5 billion, both account for significant market share among the banking industry in Taiwan. Meanwhile, the outstanding balance of SME loans was NT$143.4 billion, ranked 5th among domestic private banks.

    In 2016, Bank SinoPac continued to support the FSC's "Project for Strengthening Domestic Bank Lending to SMEs-the 11th phase" policy, driving financial services for SMEs, completing over NT$10 billion in new loans. Concurrently, we also actively promote green industry financing services where in June 2016, we received from the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Energy Bureau, selection as a "Quality Financial Services Provider" for solar power projects. Bank SinoPac secured loans with the "Small and Medium Enterprise Credit Guarantee Fund of Taiwan" (SMEG) for a total of NT$58.2 billion, ranked 2nd among domestic private banks. In the 2016 awards ceremony organized by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, we won the "Excellent Credit Manager Award", recognizing our contributions towards the green energy industry and combining with our efforts in funding SMEs.

    In 2016, the bank arranged 30 syndicated loans, continuing to provide enterprises with mid to long-term funding sources and comprehensive financial products and services.

    With greater overseas deployment, Bank SinoPac's cross border service network already extends to major areas of operations for most overseas Taiwanese enterprises. We provide an integrated, cross-border services to our clients. Our network through the FCI (Factors Chain International) platform and FBI (Factoring by Insurance) products effectively decrease factoring risks and the costs of operating overseas. As Taiwanese enterprises expand outward in servicing a global supply chain, we also expand and continue to provide our professional expertise and a complete trade finance solution. Not only by achieving a leadership position in the domestic banking supply chain finance, but expand our service solutions worldwide.

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